Oh Crap Is Right
December 15th, 2010

Oh Crap Is Right

Jail III Part 4
Co-Written by Nicole G

Color coming soon

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  1. Ben

    love Chris’s face and the new eggplant Joe sidekick head.

    such a shame he has to die. all the good side characters in this strip end up dead.

    maybe they’ll come back as zombies?

  2. habs

    New strip, yea!

  3. Ziggy

    new stripS. there’s 3 of them.

  4. DC

    I love how Chris’s underbite is actually a bar graph of the growing national debt. Funny and informative!

  5. Bloodvork

    I love how waffles.

  6. habs

    Wow, 3 strips! now that last one makes more sense!

  7. habs

    I need a new strip… Come on Zig!

  8. Rich

    When is this guys gonna get out of Jail?!! Perhaps he can kill “eggplant head”(who is up for parol in 1-week), skin him alive and walk out wearing him as a suite. Ehhh…ehhhh?

  9. gimballocker

    Agree with Rich…this comic is utterly, and woefully lacking in skin suits.

  10. Ben

    Poor Chris. He’s been stuck in that pose for months now. I’m afraid his face is gonna stay that way.

    Actually, that might be more interesting.

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  12. Chris with a K

    Seriously, I miss this strip…

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